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What is Grille?

What is a Grille? Vents are portable ducts placed in an environment for the purpose of providing air circulation from inside to outside or from outside to inside in the desired direction or for ambient air conditioning. Grilles provide the passage of air, with opening and closing features, or with fixed thin permeable channels, depending on the type. The purpose of use of the vent is to ensure the passage of only the desired substances, by not allowing the substances other than the substance to be passed through.

For example, Air Vents have the feature of ventilating the environment without allowing the passage of foreign substances other than air, by being attached to the ventilation inlets by having gaps in the dimensions where air flow can be provided. These grilles, which can be opened and closed, can be controlled by adjusting the spacing of the grille blades in order to adjust the amount of air flow.

Grilles are used in system rooms and data centers, in the heat-generating parts of energy lines, in the air circulation of the environments separated by cold and hot air corridors. These vents transfer the heat, which is kept under control, to the areas where it is needed, with the ability to adjust the intensity and direction of the air.

What Does a Grille Mean?

The word culvert is a word that means the place to be passed, the area to go or a hole. It is a word used in daily life especially for water expenses.

 What is the dictionary meaning of the word culvert according to the Turkish Language Institution?

According to the Turkish Language Institution, the dictionary meaning of the word culvert means a hole to enter or pass.

Arch culverts made of masonry or concrete are made using high fillings. These culverts are established on a stream or lake and provide road transportation. Grilles with decks are also made of concrete or masonry. When culverts with decks are generally made large, they are called bridges. Pipe culverts are constructed as circular cross-sections.


Information on Grille Usage


Today, culverts are built especially for the regular progress of infrastructure and road works. Types of culverts are designed and projected to be used in special areas. One of the most important features of the culverts is that they are designed in accordance with the terrain and soil structure. Therefore, the structure and physical properties of the culverts are also important. The culverts generally allow the water flow to pass under the railway or highway.

What is a Ventilation Grille?

What is a Grille? What does culvert mean? The grille is a filter system that serves to provide fresh air inlet according to the stance angle of the covers and to expel the polluted air. Thanks to the wire mesh on the inner surface of the grilles, it prevents pests and insects from entering your area. It also prevents concrete particles or similar substances that may come from apartment spaces.

Choosing the right equipment in order to provide comfort conditions within the culvert is of great importance in terms of the perfection of the system. The distribution of the air supplied to the environment within the space, the determination of the locations and types of the vents are one of the most important issues of ventilation technique.




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