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In this article, we will give you comprehensive information about Manfez. Let’s start with the question of what is a culvert, first of all, there are two types of culverts according to the way of use, and you can find all the necessary information in this article, respectively. You can continue reading our article to learn more about the culvert.

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What is Grille? What Does It Do?

The vent provides directing the elements such as air and water to a certain direction by means of channels or gutters. The type used to ensure the permeability of the air is defined as Ventilation Grille .

Construction Culvert is mostly used to provide and control water passage on highways.

In some cases, it is used to solve water problems in construction floors (foundations) and constructions at low altitudes, when needed according to the terrain conditions.

Construction Culvert: It is defined as a tunnel structure built under highways or railways to pass electricity, boat line, wastewater or any cable from one side to the other. Culverts are also called art structures.

Construction Grille Types

  • Pipe grill
  • Culverts with deck structure
  • Box vent
  • Belt grille
  • Bridge culvert

Grilles are available in many shapes such as round, flat, pear-shaped or box-like structures.



Ventilation Grill

“Ventilation” As the name suggests, it is used in the desired direction of the air in the environment, that is, from inside to outside and from outside to inside.


Ventilation Grille Types

The grille is made of two different raw materials, namely aluminum and plastic. Grilles can be in various shapes (square, rectangular or round) according to the area to be used. This completely depends on the area to be used.



The grille can be mounted with screws or silicone depending on the area to be used. The use of silicone is preferred in places where it is difficult to pierce such as tiles. If it is to be mounted on a wall or a wooden part, it can be mounted using screws or dowels.

We can classify ventilation grilles according to the direction of air flow, the place where they are mounted, their type and shape.

  1. Used for distribution

Generally, these are the vents that give the conditioned air into the space. It is produced in different types and sizes according to the needs.

  1. Used for collection

Generally, they are culverts that absorb the air of the place or a very polluted and hot part of the air from the place.


According to their location, culverts;

  • Ceiling

Ceiling vent suspended ceiling is one of the culverts we encounter in suspended ceiling indoor environments in homes and workplaces. It ensures that the polluted air in the environment comes out and refreshes the environment. Thanks to the installed ventilation system, hot air in winters and cold air in summer enters our area through the vent.

Roof ventilation grilles serve to transfer the fresh air coming from the direction of the ducts and the wind blowing to our area. It allows the polluted air to come out of our space.

  • Wall
  • Upholstery
  • Special grilles


Grilles according to their types and shapes:

  • Single and double row wings,
  • Linear grilles

When translated from English as a word, linear grille is a type of linear, that is, horizontal grille. It has a horizontally long and vertically short image in shape. It is the type of culvert that we frequently encounter in our workplaces and indoor environments. It ensures that the polluted air in the environment comes out and refreshes the environment. Thanks to the installed ventilation system, hot air in winters and cold air in summer enters our area through the vent.

It is the name given to thin and long culvert types. It is used especially on fan coils, on raised floors in computer rooms, as a ventilation grille in large spaces such as conference rooms and waiting rooms, as a grill on the sides of swimming pools and for many other purposes. For environments where linear appearance is desired, culverts can be obtained in meters long by combining many elements.

  • Fan vents
  • Square honeycomb grilles

It is manufactured from extruded aluminum profile in terms of technical features. 1, 2, 3 and 4-way, kaIt can be made re or rectangular. It is made without damper and with opposite opening damper. Standard manufacturing, natural color anodized.

  • Round duct grilles
  • Diffusers (Anemostad)

Air outlet elements that distribute the supply air in different directions and planes are called diffusers. It can be classified as follows.

  1. Round ceiling diffusers: Round ceiling diffusers are suitable for blowing large volumes of air. It provides the best spread of air. Air outlet noise and resistance are less than other types.
  2. Ship diffusers: It is called by this name because it is generally preferred on ships.
  3. Linear diffusers: Vertical or horizontal air flow can be provided with directional blades. The adjustment of the air amount is made with the damper that directs the air flow. In multi-section diffusers, each section can be adjusted separately. It should be supplied with side covers (mounted or separate) and a plenum box when requested.
  • Transfer grilles,

These are the culverts that are usually placed on the walls and doors and allow the air to pass from a positive pressure space to the adjacent space.

  • Fiber holders


Grille Prices

Unfortunately, we cannot give a fixed price for the culvert prices, the prices vary according to the type of material used, paint, size, features and dimensions.

By visiting Our store, you can find out the prices of all our grilles with the features, sizes and types you are looking for, if you wish, you can get the product you want quickly by purchasing it now.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are many factors that directly affect the prices. Since aluminum is an imported raw material, it is indexed to foreign currency, its transportation, production processes of the desired profiles, labor costs and inflation are the main factors affecting the price. We try to give you the best price based on years of experience, you know that a new one is added to the economic turmoil every day and we recommend that you supply the grille you need from our store when you need it, because the aluminum grilles we offer are produced from aluminum as you know, and aluminum is available to us via the London Metal Exchange. (LME) and after the foreign exchange rates in our country, other process costs are added on it.

In short, if you need it, having the culvert you want immediately will keep you in a more advantageous position in terms of economic cost!


Metal Grill

You should always prefer Aluminum material for long life and health in the types of culverts produced from metal materials, iron or other metal types are much more unhealthy and short-lived than aluminum. Stainless, non-oxidizing, healthy, in short, the right choice that you can use for a lifetime should definitely be aluminum.


Bathroom – WC Grilles

They are aluminum grilles that provide circulation by keeping the steam and dirty air in the bathroom at an optimum level and are not affected by the humidity and humidity in the environment. Therefore, you should definitely use aluminum grilles in your bathrooms.

WC vents are produced from cheap plastic raw material selected as raw material in plastic vents used in toilets, and they are subject to structural deterioration over time and provide an environment for the growth of bacteria that you do not want on the surface as well as fungus formation. As a matter of fact, thanks to the acid and alkaline cleaning chemicals we use during cleaning of plastic grilles, you can witness much faster deterioration, color loss, visible pitting and wear such as loss of shape.

WC and Bathroom Grilles must be made of aluminum for your health. The health of the environment in your living space is entirely up to you. Grilles also create a great barrier against unwanted guests (insects-rodents) such as small-large insects and flies, a grill installed in accordance with proper standards works like a healthy security team for you and your family, while creating a clean air cycle, while maintaining the desired temperature in the environment. helps keep it.


Aluminum Grille

Aluminum Properties : It is a soft and light metal with a dull silvery color. This color comes from the thin oxide layer that forms on it when exposed to air. Aluminum is non-toxic and non-magnetic. It doesn’t spark. The tensile strength of pure aluminum is about 49 megapascals (MPa), while when alloyed this value is 700 MPgoes to a. Its density is about one third that of steel or copper. It can be easily forged, machined and cast. It has very superior corrosion properties because the oxide layer formed on it is protective. Electrical conductivity is 64.94% IACS (pure Al at 2 °C). Its melting temperature is 660 °C, and its boiling temperature is 2519 °C.

Aluminum Grille : Due to its aluminum structure, it has a great resistance against stainless corrosion and even salt water. Therefore, your choice of grille you need should definitely be in favor of this material, You can request aluminum grilles to have the desired color and surface, Grilles produced from heat-treated aluminum raw material gain high physical strength, which ensures that it never loses its structure and form in all weather conditions,

In addition, thanks to anodizing, which we can talk about as a type of chemical reaction, the surface of the aluminum raw material provides certain colors to be achieved. This application type, which is described as matte anodized, bright anodized, also has varieties such as white anodized, yellow anodized, black anodized. As a result of the reactions occurring on the aluminum surface undergoing anodizing process, it also achieves an extra strength against scratches.

Other anodized aluminum colors are also available in our color chart and we keep only the most demanded colors in our stock. In case of need, you can reach all the colors you want with powder oven paint applied at high temperature, if needed, you can reach all the colors you want, even all the colors and surfaces that come to your mind and you may need, such as a rough wood look. We provide you with high quality.