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The products purchased on this website are ME-PAN branded and produced by Evpar Menfez Industry and offered for sale by expert personnel with 1st class materials.


All materials used for manufacturing are materials with international certification. In addition, all of our products, whose production has been completed, successfully pass the quality control stage, which is carried out meticulously.

EVPAR MANFEZ INDUSTRY Our company was included in the ventilation and construction sectors with the manufacture of grilles in 1995 and started to manufacture and sell grilles.

Evpar Menfez San., one of the pioneers of the sector, has included the ME-PAN MENFEZ brand in the sector in 2001. It increases its product range day by day with our experienced staff in line with the needs and keeps customer satisfaction at the forefront.

What does culvert mean?

Culvert is a structure used in different areas and mostly in the construction industry. Vents are portable ducts that provide air circulation that can be adjusted inward or outward in a desired direction and that serve the purpose of air conditioning. culverts are used for various purposes in different areas.


What does glass grille mean?

Thanks to this vent odor, steam and unwanted heat in the kitchen are thrown out. The glass grille also allows the gas to escape from your kitchen in case of any natural gas or gas leakage. Natural gas vent should never be closed with a bag.


What is the grille attached to?

It is recommended to be worn with silicone or Çokomastik. It is used wherever it is used for ventilation in culvert bathrooms and WCs.

How to attach the Aluminum Grille to the wall?

(Double-sided adhesive tape.) Thanks to the special tape on the aluminum grille, it can be attached to tiles, plastered walls, trees, chipboards, glass, etc. attached to places. (It is recommended to install with silicone-mastic in uneven, rough, wet, dusty environments and places.)


Is a natural gas vent mandatory?

Is it necessary to use a culvert? Since it helps air flow, it is essential to have and use culverts in environments where natural gas is present. Assuming that there is a natural gas leak, the waste gas cannot be thrown out unless the window or window is open.


What does the vent hole do?

Grille: A system for fresh air intake and exhausting the polluted air. Wherever the desired direction is in an environment, it provides air inlet-outlet, that is, air circulation. Generally used in homes, bathrooms and toilets, it is a piece that has ducts attached to glass or windows.


What does culvert mean according to TDK?

According to the Turkish Language Institution, the dictionary meaning of the word “culvert” means a hole to enter or pass.


How to ventilate the bathroom without a window?

Windowless bathroom ventilation is just as important in closed environments.

What You Need to Know When Making Bathroom Ventilation

Find the quietest fan you can afford.

Use stairs for high ceilings.

You can use the bathroom fan in a reliable way. buy from seller.



What does a fireplace vent do?

It is used to provide cold air intake to your fireplaces and stoves. It can also be used to provide fresh air intake to homes.


Is a glass balcony grille necessary?

Tempered glasses cannot be cut in any way afterwards, and therefore no holes can be drilled afterwards. If you live in an area that has natural gas or will have gas in the near future, you will need a vent hole on one of the glass fins and a chimney hole where you intend to place the boiler.


Is a grill necessary for a hermetic combi?

There is no need to place a ventilation grille in the environment where hermetic devices are installed. Because these types of devices take the fresh air required for combustion directly from the outside atmosphere through their special chimney kit and discharge the exhaust gas to the outside through the same set.


Is the natural gas vent closed?

Natural gas vent covering it with a newspaper, cloth or piece of paper is extremely wrong and dangerous. This application, which is made to prevent heat loss especially in the cold winter months, MUST NOT be done!


How Much is the Grille? How Much Are the Prices of Grilles?

You can review our products for current culvert prices, all of our products are our own manufacture and 1st class materials are used.It is manufactured by our expert personnel and offered for sale in accordance with world standards.


Step into a Happy Home by Reviewing Our Product Range!



Distributor type is to knit into the blowing grille systems as in our double row bladed grille product. It is ensured that the air coming from outside is directed at the desired intensity by means of the flaps in the grille that can be moved manually. Distribution grilles are manufactured using plastic or aluminum materials, depending on the area to be used.



The collector type is the grill systems used for this purpose, also called the suction grille, to collect the air, unlike the distributor grill products. Collector vent devices absorb and expel the bad air in the environment. It is selected according to the size of the environment in which the collector vent device will be used.


For Transfer Purpose

It is aimed to provide air transfer between two environments by placing the transfer type between two adjacent rooms or spaces. Transfer grille can be selected according to the size of the environment to be used.


Round Channel

Round duct vent devices can be used as suction and discharge air vents. In addition, it is generally among the most used ventilation systems. As the name suggests, these grill devices have round air ducts. Since the air traffic can be easily controlled thanks to its covered channels, these vent devices absorb the existing air in the environment and carry the fresh air from the outside area to the indoor environment.



Linear devices are used as suction and blowing grilles in ventilation systems. These ventilation systems are mounted linearly.


Square Honeycomb

Square honeycomb type devices are used in ventilation systems and fancoils are used as suction grilles. Square honeycomb grille absorbs the bad air in the environment, filters it and throws it out.


In short, what is a grille, what does a grille do?</ strong>

Menfezim.com, apart from the grille systems whose features we have introduced, we have many grille systems. By getting expert help from us in line with your needs, we can accurately present the culvert systems that may be suitable for you.


Culvert Types

Our Main Grille Types: Wooden Grille, Black Grille, White Grille, Fan Aspirated Grille, Linear Grille, Square Anemostad Grille, Anresit Gray Grille, Aluminum Square Grille, Aluminum Chimney Grille, Bright Anodized Grille, Matte White Grille , Yellow-Gold Grille, Natural Gas Grille, Plinth Grille, Intervention Control Cover.



Ventilation vents, in all areas of our lives; From our home environments we live to our closed working environments, they mean a great deal both in terms of health and in terms of continuing our lives without disrupting our life flow.

Culvert Prices

Culvert prices are at appropriate intervals on Menfezim.com. If you are looking for high quality grill models at affordable prices, you have reached the right place.

Gullets According to Your Preferences

Grilles that direct the air and water in the used environment to outside or inside, provide benefits in many areas of use. Grilles that can be easily used on balconies in all living areas, especially in homes such as Kitchens, WCs and Bathrooms, are highly functional products designed with engineering intelligence.


Due to the increase in the life of the site day by day, it has been used a lot to keep the air flow rate at a desired level, especially in the apartments on high floors, preventing heat loss and making it possible for healthy oxygen flow to enter the living area comfortably.

Besides their simple designs, culvert products make us realize what a critical role they play in our lives in terms of their qualities. In this context, we offer you the products with these simple but very important functions in the most detailed way with the quality culvert models produced in different designs.

What is Grille?

Vents are portable ducts that allow the air in the environment to pass from inside to outside or from outside to inside. Sizes vary according to needs. Since it is possible to use culverts in many areas, there are many types. They can be collapsible or always open depending on the purpose of use.

You can easily access these heating and cooling products, which have a wide range, from fan and aspirator grill products to luxury designed types such as glass material grill products and aluminum material grill products, according to your needs and suitable for your environment.

What Does the Grille Do?

The main purpose of the culverts is to provide air and water passages in their environment. Opening and closing vents prevent the entry of foreign materials into the environment and determine the amount of air to be supplied to the environment with their blades.

It is very nice to know the models of ceiling type, wall type and floor type culverts with different functions, whether in places used for purposes such as workshops, dining halls and warehouses, or in factory-style closed areas that can be used for different purposes, from culvert products made of materials suitable for the environment. you will be satisfied.

Even ordinary culvert products with white plastic material, which are classic household type that you can easily use in wet areas such as bathrooms, toilets or kitchens, have special qualities and are useful and aesthetic product types that you can fix effortlessly and on your own.


Quality Grille Products and Types

Before we introduce the culvert models in standard styles, it would be a situation that you would like if we talked about the details that you will care about these quality culvert products. Quality culvert products are quality models designed for the necessary conditions in the area to be used.


Glass Grille Products

The fly screen feature on the back will bring you fresh air in a more qualified way. These products, which have an adjustable glass grille on the front, are models with aluminum in the material of which they are manufactured, and they have a surface applied with electrostatic oven paint. It does not turn yellow in a short time like ordinary products and cracks do not occur on it.

They are perfect designs that are produced in such a way that they will not be deformed, that you will get a lifetime of use, beyond being stylish and long-lasting. In a fully closed position, it provides 100% cold insulation with its windproof feature, as well as providing 100% sound insulation.


Back throat diameters of these natural gas regulated glass vent productsThe standard is 152 mm, and the opened slot of the glass provides suitable use for 155 mm and above. The wall thickness of the glasses of these models is 20 mm and above.

You will need to check the application area you want to fix accordingly before requesting these products.


What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Grille?

The main purpose of the culverts is to provide air and water passages in their environment. Opening and closing vents prevent the entry of foreign materials into the environment and determine the amount of air to be supplied to the environment with their blades.

In addition, at the assembly stage, there is no nut or screw type fastener on the back of these grill products in order to be attached to the glass. In a very practical way, you will be able to provide the fixing process in line with your silicone application. After squeezing a small amount of silicone into the back ear of both vent pieces, you will first attach the mosquito net from the outside.

Then you will pass the adjustable glass grille part on it from the inside part. These quality grilles with such simple fixing processes are completely handmade models. When you examine the comments made by users about these models, you can read that they describe their visually appealing modern and aesthetic appearance, they add a completely different atmosphere to their environment and they praise that they are products with cleverly thought-out qualities.


High Performance Motorized Fan Grille Products

Motorized ventilation grille – fan grill products, which has an effective working principle unlike ordinary models that exhibit natural ventilation feature and thus can offer maximum benefit, are luxury designs that you can request in different sizes and colors, with a system that has a built-in back part to the wall.



These high-quality motorized grille models, which you can determine in accordance with your wall space, are stylish products that will create a perfect harmony with the color you will choose and add a different atmosphere to your environment.

These products, which are in the wall-embedded system, will perform in the healthiest way during your usage experience. On the back, there are wires that act as mosquito nets, as in many other quality models, and the electric fan motor works absolutely silently.

These motorized grill fans are automatically activated in your bathroom or toilet, where you install the product, in the direction of turning on the light. Since these products are electrically operated, the assembly process must be done by a person who understands the electrical installation or it will have to be assembled by an electrical worker.


If we talk briefly about the technical details of these fan motor grilles, they are models made of aluminum material with electrostatic oven paint applied.
It is often used in bathrooms. It cleans the air according to the environment, cools it and provides refreshment. It works with the help of electric power and propeller, blowing hot and cold air. Fan vents in the kitchen have an absorbing feature. It absorbs the bad air in the environment. The best example of this is the aspirators or fans you use while cooking in the kitchen.

Motor Grille

Fan motors are placed above or next to the conventional grille in order to provide faster air passage, unlike the fan grilles. They are of extremely high quality and perform a very useful function. As soon as you press your electric switch in your bathrooms, this fan motor is activated, refreshing the environment very quickly.

The rear embedment depth is 3 cm and the width of the front sill is also 3 cm. These products are generally offered to your service in 50 cm x 60 cm dimensions, 60 cm x 60 cm dimensions, 40 cm x 50 cm dimensions, 40 cm x 40 cm dimensions, 30 cm x 40 cm dimensions and 30 cm x 30 cm dimensions. . Apart from these two superior quality grille models that we have mentioned, if you are thinking of a simpler and more economical style product, you can think of the new generation natural gas glass grille, round type cute models.


These vents do not admit the wind directly to the indoor environment thanks to the hats in front of them. It aims to ventilate your home by providing the connection between the inside and the outside in a very natural and practical way. They are designed in such a way that they do not let the cold in during the winter seasons, and that they can prevent the dust from entering the indoor environment, especially in the summer seasons.


Ventilation Covers and Floor Grilles

Maintain proper air circulation in your home and duct with vents, grilles and registershide their scars. Find decorative and essential vent covers that help keep every room in your home at a comfortable temperature.

Grilles and Vents The difference between a vent or register and a grille is that registers usually have dampers or louvers that allow you to control the airflow by turning the vent on and off. Vents are not found in these louvered styles and are typically used in homes with central heating and cooling units to remove air and return it to a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. A return vent also draws air from a room and recycles it rather than pushing it into the void. These are typically installed in corridors or ceilings and have no dampers.


Floor Vents Floor vents or logs are ideal if you live in a climate where heating your home is your primary concern. As warm air rises, the heat from your floor vents will warm your room as it rises. These types of vents are typically placed near windows so that warm air from the ducts can mix with cooler air from the window.

You’ll want to make sure that the floor vents are not blocked so as not to interrupt the airflow, so consider choosing decorative vents to complement your room’s decor. Consider vents in spiral or wicker patterns that are both visually appealing and functional. If you really want your vents to blend in with wood floors or panels, filter a search by wood vent covers on menfezim.com.


Side Wall and Ceiling Grilles Ceiling Grilles

Ideal for hot climates where you focus more on cooling your home. The placement of the side wall and ceiling registers helps to provide air circulation as the case will draw hot air to itself. Grilles or vent covers used in these types of recordings are typically thinner as they do not need to withstand foot traffic like floor vents, and recordings on ceiling and side walls will often be more visible in a room. Depending on the size and shape of your room and the placement of the ventilation itself, you may need a two-way or three-way recorder that sends air in several directions at once.



If you are looking for a way to send air to all parts of a room, a baseboard diffuser or ceiling diffuser may be more beneficial than a vent. Although you can open and close louvered enclosures, the direction the enclosure will distribute air is fixed in one, two, or three directions. A diffuser sends air into your room in all directions, helping to heat or cool more evenly.

Boosters If your vents alone aren’t heating or cooling your home as efficiently as you’d like, consider adding a recording booster. Also called an in-floor booster or recording fan, this option consists of a small fan that sits inside or over the recordings in rooms with poor airflow.


What is Ventilation Damper?

A vent damper is a metal regulator with blades under the vent cover that regulates airflow. This is invaluable for controlling airflow and air balancing, but sometimes it may not be a good solution for your particular situation. This is an optional add-on for your ventilation. Our dampers are powder coated to help preserve the life of the damper when exposed to high and low temperatures and humidity changes. This will ensure that you don’t have to replace them again for a very long time.

Should I add a Damper to my vent?

Most professionals don’t want dampers for wood vents. Wood is much thicker than your typical metal vents and in most cases a damper is not needed when using wood vents. However, some can transfer cold or hot air to another floor, etc. There are times when it may need to shut off the air at ground level to force it. If that’s your case, you’ll probably want a damper.


The Benefits of the Tipper

The biggest benefit of a damper is that it gives you instant and on-demand control of the airflow in your building. This gives you the ability to set up your HVAC:
  • Air balancing –helps to make warm rooms cooler and colder rooms warmer than the rest of the house
  • Closed rooms – airflow close to guest rooms or rooms that are rarely used
  • Stabilize 2-story houses – warm air rises and cold air descends. Seasonal adjustment of shock absorbers